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Spammy links removal tool
Today Google Webmaster blog and Matt Cutts announced the release of a new “Disavow link” feature in the Google Webmaster Tools.
Google disavow link tool comes after much discussions have been made around Penguin affected sites suffering irreparable damages from an algorithmic penalty (means no chance of fixing it). Although this might come as a relief for affected site owners Matt is very clear

Why you should not use this feature

[pullquote_right]Most People do not need to use this tool. Only if you got the message and know what you are doing[/pullquote_right]
  • You have not received an unnatural links message
  • You have not suffered from a sharp penguin algorithmic penalty
  • You haven’t tried to remove links manually
  • You are not sure if those links are actually spammy – only the truly spammy ones

Why you should use this feature

  • Your site’s backlink profile looks awful and you already been affected by Penguin update
  • Someone is trying to do negative SEO on your site (make sure you send an reconsideration request email with it explaining what’s happening and your course of action)
  • You already try to remove links manually by contacting webmasters (takes an awful lot of time and effort)

What you should do

  1. Do a proper backlink profile audit
  2. Download and select the most recent spammy links
  3. Categorise the link types provided in the unnatural links warning email
  4. Create a text file and include commentary (as per below)
  5. According to Matt Cutts: This would take probably weeks…
Webmaster Tools disavow links - screenshot
[info]# Contacted Webmaster of domain# Badlinks.org on 10/10/12
# No response from them
# Owner of spamgalore.com removed some
# Need to remove the following


What Matt Cutts says

Better to hear it straight from the guys dealing with this issue on a daily basis
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