Top 5 Social Media Stories 24th February 2014

Find last weeks top reads about Social Media and how changes and innovations can help or affect your business. We look forward to your comments and feedback


1) Backlink Relevancy Is A Big Win In Terms Of Search Quality6

Why it matters? A strong network of backlinks helps your website get noticed by Google. Excluding backlink relevancy results in “much worse” search quality which results in less traffic.

Importance Level: 6/10

2) LinkedIn Opens its Blogging Platform to All5

Why it matters? A lot of businesses use LinkedIn as their primary social media tool with good reason. Often it is perfect to find a niche target market which many are looking for. Now when someone on linked in posts original content, it becomes part of their professional profile and is shared with their trusted network. This allows for the ability to reach a large group of professionals within the industry.

Importance Level: 5/10

3) Blogging vs Building4

Why it matters? Often, it is difficult to find the balance of blogging to provide insight into the industry and feeling like you are just spamming people with your blog posts. Why do you write? And how much time do you get each week to update and maintain a blog?

Importance Level: 4/10

4) How to Encourage Circles to Share Your Google+ Content3

Why it matters? Google+ is an often neglected social media platform which adds a lot of value to your business. Not only is it becoming more and more important for small businesses, but Moz noted a correlation between Google +1’s and higher search rankings.

Importance Level: 3/10

5) Why Duplicate Business Listings are Hurting Your Business3

Why it matters? More information trending towards doing Local SEO correct the first time! This is more important for businesses who rely on local search results to generate their customers. How are your business listings looking?

Importance Level: 3/10

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